Re: Using Rigid RDF for BLD's XML Syntax


Alex Kozlenkov wrote:
> We are of the opinion that this proposal adds an RDF dependency [...]

Does it really add a RDF dependency, in the sense of making any RIF 
implementation dependent on RDF in some way? What kind of dependency 
would that be (e.g.: requires to implement all or part of RDF? May 
require to change something in the implementation following a change in 
RDF? Requires the implementor to understand RDF? ...)?

Isn't it possible to make RIF XML "silently" valid RDF/XML, in the sense 
that an RDF implementation can handle a RIF document as RDF (possibly 
with some additional info, e.g. a RIF vocabulary or whatever), but a RIF 
implementation does not need to know about RDF (and is not dependent on 



Received on Wednesday, 14 May 2008 14:29:56 UTC