Re: importing RDF and OWL

> >> * ... I think maybe "Context" can be thought of as "Language".  You're
> >>   loading some data/rules/knowledge, and naming the language it's
> >>   written in, in case it's not properly labeled (as RDF data is not).
> > 
> > Yes, that is probably be a better name.
> > Other opinions?
> I guess I'm OK with "Language" and prefer it over "Context" but it is 
> more than just the language that is being referred to. How about 
> "Entailment Regime"?

During the telecon we talked about this and settled on "Profile", which
is the term the OWL-WG has settled on for DL vs. Full vs OWL-R, etc [1].
I hope you're okay with that.

For the record, this is the sense of "profile" about which wikipedia
says [2]

    * Profile (engineering):

        * In standardization, a profile consists of an agreed-upon
          subset and interpretation of a specification. 

    -- Sandro


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