Re: BLD, FLD and DTB: prefix for XML schema namespace

I just noticed that the XML schema datatypes specification documents are 
also inconsistent in their use of prefixes.

So, nevermind.

Best, Jos

Jos de Bruijn wrote:
> I think it's best to follow the convention of the original (XML schema) 
> specification, because "xsd" might be a source of confusion (especially 
> since there is this deprecated namespace around).
> I will not object to xsd, but xs seems to make most sense to me.
> Finally, BLD currently uses both in different places in the document; I 
> think just one of the two should be used.
> Best, Jos
> Dave Reynolds wrote:
>> Jos de Bruijn wrote:
>>> I just noticed the following:
>>> The BLD, FLD and DTB documents use "xsd" as a shortcut for the XML 
>>> schema namespace. The documents should use "xs" instead.
>>> The xsd prefix is conventionally associated with the namespace 
>>>, which is deprecated.
>>> The xs prefix is conventionally associated with the namespace 
>>>, which is the one we use.
>> I disagree, at least in RDF and OWL "xsd" is the conventional prefix 
>> used for "". I don't think it matters 
>> much either way and don't object to either but see no reason to change 
>> the current choice.
>> Dave

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