Re: AW: [PRD] need Assign action

Adrian Paschke wrote:
> It can not be simulated by a retract action followed by a new assert,
> because if PRD has a negation (not) the retract might trigger a production
> rule transition. But that is not the intended semantics of assign/update.
what I meant was to add Assign to the definition of the transition 
relation ?__RIF-PRD ? /P(W)/  /L/  /P(W)/ defined in Section 3.3 of 
the PRD spec.  Assign would be defined as a single transition, not as 
pair of (retract, assert) transitions.

Section 3.3 (and associated syntax section) needs some work in any 
case.  There is no way to do what OBR calls "assert new", which means to 
create a new frame with a brand new OID.  The existing PRD assert can 
only take an existing frame and add a slot to it.
Also, in OBR and in Jess, Retract would not take a frame argument, but 
rather would take an OID and would retract all the frames that match 
that OID.

Received on Wednesday, 18 June 2008 16:54:22 UTC