AW: [PRD] need Assign action


Yes we need it. Assign is what I called update or modify in yesterday's
telecon and in my PRD review.

It can not be simulated by a retract action followed by a new assert,
because if PRD has a negation (not) the retract might trigger a production
rule transition. But that is not the intended semantics of assign/update.

Just to clarify. We already have Equal for assignment to free variables in
the body of a rule. 

Informal semantics: ?X = Frame 
1. If ?X is free the frame will be bound (assigned) to ?X
2. If ?X is already bound it will be matched (check for equality) with the

So, the assign action semantically differs from single assignment via


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Betreff: [PRD] need Assign action

while editing PRD to change the examples to "real" presentation syntax, 
I see that I need an assign action.

I propose

syntax:  Assign ::= 'Assign' '(' frame ')'

informal semantics: triples which match the oid and slot name(s) given 
by the frame argument are removed from W, then the given frame is added to W

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