Re: RIF testcases API (non-normative)

Axel Polleres wrote:
> Proposal:
> I suggest for the testcase for BLD based dialects...
> to use the SPARQL API (i.e. SPROT, see [1])
> with a slight variation of the SPARQL interface:
> The standard format for SPARQL queries, a bit abstracted is:
> FROM dataset
> WHERE { graph pattern }
> OFFSET integer
> LIMIT integer
> which we extend as follows:
> FROM dataset | FROM ruleset
> WHERE { graph pattern } | WHERE { rif_condition_w_free_variables_Vars }
> rif_condition_w_free_variables_Vars is a RIF condition with
> the free variables Vars being a superset of Vars.
> and the query should return bindings which if
> applied to the condition make the
> entailed by the RIF-RDF combination given by the
> ruleset and RDF merge of all RDF datasets in FROM clauses.
> The good thing is that we can use the input and output format of the 
> SPARQL enpoint API as-is in this simple proposal and we should publish 
> this as a simple API for RIF testcases at the moment.
> The description of this non-normative API should go in the testcases 
> document... maybe some more details needed, but I think it is fairly 
> simple.

p.s.: As for simple ground entailment tests,
you can just use ASK queries.

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