"deification" use case

Gary just clarified that "deify" means "worship as a god"... fits, 
because I meant to accept a reified statement as truth.

I was a bit worried about dropping the option to have nested 
frames/refification in BLD for RDF use cases.
Actually, what I maent is that this is can be useful for unvealing
reified statments in RDF. However, I just realized that RDF 
Reification/Deification doesn't need that feature, my error.

An example.

"Jos believes that Reification in BLD is a bad thing."


:jos :believes _:s
_:s rdf:subject :ReificationInBLD.
_:s rdf:predicate rdf:type.
_:s rdf:object :BadThing.

Now I might want to write a RIF rule to get out
all that Jos believes:

?X[?Y->?Z] :-
    (:jos[:believes->?S] and
     ?S[rdf:subject->:ReificationInBLD] and
     ?S[rdf:predicate->rdf:type] and

but... for that I don't need real reification, so it is also possible 
with the BLD without reified/nested statements.
Obviously, this is not a RIF DL Rule.

So, I am fine to drop reification in BLD,

Dr. Axel Polleres
email: axel@polleres.net  url: http://www.polleres.net/

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Received on Thursday, 21 February 2008 17:51:57 UTC