Re: [PRD] New version of RIF-PRD on the wiki


As suggested by Gary yesterday, I annotated the RIF-PRD draft [1] with 
comments about the differences wrt RIF-BLD [2].

All the notes about differences in PRD wrt BLD are in comment blocks 
with a redish background. All the differences in the XML syntax are 
commented, including whether the difference is specific to PRD or is a 
proposed alternative to the BLD syntax: in the latter case, the idea is 
that, whatever alternative is chosen, BLD and PRD should use the same.

Re the presentation syntax, I propose, in the PRD draft, a style that, 
to me, seems closer to what the production rule crowd might be used to; 
but I really do not care... So, I did not burden myself with commenting 
any of the differences :-)

Also, I spotted some differences in [2] wrt the previous BLD draft (e.g. 
any COMPOUND - the former ATOMIC - being allowed as TERM). I did not 
comment on how PRD could differ from BLD in that respect, because they 
have not been discussed yet and I cannot estimate their consequences 
without reading FLD and the new BLD in detail first.




Received on Wednesday, 13 February 2008 12:41:56 UTC