Re: new BLD and the framework (FLD)

I read FLD and I did not find nothing unclear. Maybe some examples 
(together with a semantic structure) are useful but I believe they don't 
have to be  part of the document.
Anyway the document is hard to be read by potential simple users of the 
standard. I will try to build an example use case.

Also, seems that you cannot build a semantic structure without assuming 
the existence of signatures. Otherwise the I_F mapping cannot be 
finitely defined.Without signatures if I have a functional symbol p then 
I have to define I_F(p) for all finite length sequences of arguments 
i.e. I_F(p):D -> D, I_F(p):D^2 -> D, ...
In the presence of the signature, just the corresponding functions have 
to be part of the semantic structure.


Michael Kifer wrote:
> Both drafts are now finished (except for XML) and ready for review:
> Framework:
> BLD:
> Shake it up!
> -m

Received on Tuesday, 12 February 2008 16:27:27 UTC