RIF WG Planning for 2009

At the June F2F we agreed on an extension plan: 

I think we are pretty close to "on track" with this plan, though realistically 
we can probably expect to get as far as CR by the end of the extension period 
(May 30, 2009), not all the way to Rec, with our current drafts (UCR, Core, BLD, 
FLD, RDF+OWL, DTB, PRD, Test, rdf:Text).  The group is progressing, though we 
are all feeling the resources being stretched to their limit.

Here's what we're expecting 2009 to shape up to:

1) Continue working on the RIF drafts.  Bring them all to LC in March and to CR 
in May.

2) Two more F2F meetings - F2F12 (Portland) & F2F13 (Europe?), with F2F13 being 
sometime around April.

3) We would not take on any new work, simply finish the existing drafts.

4) Assuming we make at least LC by the end of the current extension, we would 
request a further WG extension to shepherd the drafts through CR and PR.  This 
extension would be for a reduced workload WG, with monthly (+ as needed) 
telecons and no F2F meetings.  We'd expect to simply be responding to public 


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