Re: [RIF] Extensible Design: Horn semantics and syntax actions completed

On Thu, 2006-09-14 at 13:23 -0400, Boley, Harold wrote:
> Michael & I have completed our Horn semantics and syntax
> actions from Tuesday, as part of the RIF Extensible Design:

I just had a go at implementing a translator from N3-rules syntax
to this syntax: 1.4

Attached find the output of running it on
and then indenting the output with tidy -i -xml .

What's the XML syntax for integer constants? Did I miss it?
I infer it's something like:

   <Data type="">2</Data>

I wonder if a short-cut is worthwhile...

Oops; I see my code throws away lang information in cases like...
  "Le chat"@fr <#is> "The french phrase 'Le chat'".

Where does language information go in the abstract/concrete syntaxes?

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