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> Alex's work is brilliant, no doubt about that. But the jury is still out, as far as I am concerned, to see which approach to RDFa is more suited for the Web developers' community. The RDFa API is not final, is half-baked and I heard Manu saying that he was not overly happy with it as a user when he did the play page. The obvious other possibility is to provide a JSON interface to the data that many Web Application users like. If JSON-LD does not really work for that, than we may also have a problem...

I'm very curious as to what parts of the current RDFa API did not work
very well in's play.

Where it breaks down is when you want the whole graph.

Also, I could imagine ways in which there is more "auto-binding" of
properties to objects in the projections.

Meanwhile, I've found a number of the features quite useful.

I'm working on several demos that use the API as it stands today and
it seems to work reasonably well for those examples.  In those
examples, I am going between the document and the RDFa properties via
the subject origins.  I would certainly hate to lose that feature.

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