Re: SVG test case with embedded RDF/XML

I updated my processor to handle embedded RDF/XML and to parse the content of script elements having an @type which matches a content-type of an available RDF parser (typically text/turtle, but why not application/ld+json?). I also added support for putting extracted triples in a named graph based on using any @id value of the script element as a fragid on the document location.


On May 17, 2012, at 7:09 AM, Gregg Kellogg wrote:

> Well, if we're open to having tests that span formats, was should consider parsing Turtle marked up using <script type="application/turtle"> within HTML, at least when the Turtle spec is more settled.
> I hadn't considered the embedded RDF/XML before, but it should be easy enough to add to my parser.
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> On May 17, 2012, at 3:33 AM, "Toby Inkster" <> wrote:
>> <test-cases/0310> dc:contributor "Toby Inkster";
>>  dc:title "Embedded chunks of RDF/XML";
>>  a test:TestCase;
>>  rdfatest:rdfaVersion "rdfa1.0", "rdfa1.1";
>>  test:classification test:required;  # ?!
>>  test:expectedResults "true"^^xsd:boolean;
>>  rdfatest:hostLanguage "svgtiny1.2", "svg";
>>  test:informationResourceInput <test-cases/0310.html>;
>>  test:informationResourceResults <test-cases/0310.sparql>;
>>  test:purpose "Tests that embedded RDF/XML is added to same graph.";
>>  test:specificationReference
>>    "
>>    says 'an RDF processor should combine them into the same graph'" .
>> -- 
>> Toby A Inkster
>> <>
>> <>
>> <0310.sparql>
>> <0310.txt>

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