RDF::RDFa::Parser 1.096_01

I've just uploaded the latest release of my Perl RDF parser to CPAN
this evening.


The underscore in the version number is a Perl convention for denoting
a development release - i.e. not a stable one. (1.096 is the latest
stable, released back in October, so doesn't have support for many of
the recent changes to RDFa 1.1.)

The denizens of this mailing list may be interested in my list of test
cases that I'm currently not passing (not even attempting to):


The changelog since the last stable version is:

 - (Addition) RDF::RDFa::Parser::InitialContext.
 - (Addition) Support HTML5 <data> element, and @value attribute.
 - (Addition) Support HTML5 <time> element, and @datetime attribute.
 - (Bugfix) Support CURIEs which end in colon.
 - (Bugfix) When _:foo found in a predicate, don't generate a random
   bnode identifier, instead treat as a weird URI.
 - (Packaging) Currently passing RDFa 1.1 test suite (in 'xt' tests,
   available in repo but not on CPAN).
 - (Packaging) Start cleaning up 'examples' directory.
 - (Removal) Dropped a little relative URI resolution hack that I don't
   think is needed any more.
 - (Removal) Remove @profile support, plus entire profile mechanism.
 - (Removal) Roll back @inlist plus @rev support.
 - (Update) @vocab takes precedence over terms.
 - (Update) Change RDFa 1.1 @typeof bindings; can bind to objects.
 - (Update) Implement support for @property with resource objects.
 - (Update) Replace rdfa:hasVocabulary predicate with

Toby A Inkster

Received on Wednesday, 16 May 2012 20:09:00 UTC