Command-line based tests

I added a command-line test runner, with an example processor script for Ruby RDF::RDFa. This can be useful if you want to run the test suite stand-alone without creating a distiller service.

Right now, it just gives pass/fail with some results, but I'll update it to output EARL reports too.

If you download the rdfa-website repo and follow the installation steps for Running Locally, you should be able to run tests for my Ruby processor. To run it for your own processor, you just need an executable that will accept RDFa on STDIN and generate Turtle or N-Triples on STDOUT and accept a few arguments.

To do basic installation, make sure you have a reasonably current version of Ruby (I run 1.9.2).
* Clone the repo
* Make sure you have the "bundler" gem
* do a bundle install
* run the command in bin/run-suite

  git clone](
  cd rdfa-website
  [sudo] gem install bundler
  bundle install
  bin/run-suite bin/rdf-rdfa

It should give you pass/fail on each test. You can specify the RDFa version and Host Language using the --version and --host-language options. You can run it for a specific test case using the --num argument, and get some verbose output with --verbose.

I was trying to create a node runner for green-turtle, but am stuck for now.


Received on Tuesday, 15 May 2012 00:36:25 UTC