Re: API behavior when content hasn't loaded fully yet

On 06/13/2011 08:02 AM, Henri Sivonen wrote:
> It seems to me that
> isn't explicit about how the API is supposed to work when the main
> document itself hasn't loaded fully and when external RDFa Profiles
> haven't been loaded yet.

It isn't. We need to work on that. Thanks for the bug report, Henri.
Your request was logged weeks ago, but I forgot to ping you when we did it:

> Please define how the API should behave when the relevant resources
> haven't been fully loaded and how a JavaScript application can find out
> that all the relevant resources have been loaded.

Do you have any preferences on how we should go about doing this? Are
there mechanisms that you feel work well today that should be mirrored
in the RDFa API specification?

-- manu

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