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Nathan <> wrote:

> Two points here, one is why should any object need to remember the 
> DocumentData instance that created them? currently the only one that 
> needs anything like this memory is TypedLiteralConverter and that's
> only because it has a toValue() method, it would be very easy and
> clean to simply drop that toValue method and ensure that DocumentData
> or DataContext (or something!) had a fromTypedLiteral(in TypedLiteral
> t) method on it (and the converse, as outlined above).

Stores don't need a route back to the TypedLiteralConverter registry,
but they do need a route back to the CURIE prefix registry thanks to
createTypedLiteral, createTriple, etc.

CURIEs are allowed all over the API, but unless the objects that make
use of them have a route back to the prefix mapping list, I can't see
how they're going to work. I'm starting to think that using closures
for prefix mapping will solve a lot of problems.

a la:

The way we're doing it now seems awfully complicated for something that
could easily be implemented in "user space".

Toby A Inkster

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