Re: ISSUE-58: PlainLiteral and TypedLiteral value for strings [RDFa 1.1 API]

On 10/28/2010 02:51 PM, Nathan wrote:
> okay we all agree, great.
> Issue closed as void.

Yikes! Don't close issues in the ISSUE tracker without a PROPOSAL to the
mailing list followed by no objections to the given proposal.

The issue wasn't void - we needed to have that discussion and record the
outcome of the discussion in a formal way. At a minimum, Mark hasn't had
a chance to chime in yet and neither has the public. Just because you
raised the issue and feel that it has been dealt with doesn't mean that
it's dealt with. :)

In general, once an issue is in the ISSUE tracker, we have to go through
the process and address the issue as a Working Group. Just because the
majority of people in the RDFa WG agree that this is the right direction
doesn't mean that the general public doesn't know something that could
affect that direction.

At a minimum, we should give people a PROPOSAL and a minimum of 7 days
to send in objections before closing ISSUEs.

-- manu

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