RDFa API new Issues - summary

Hi All,

I've added 11 (!) new issues to the RDFa API, 49-59, I've tried to break 
them down in to various issues which can be addressed separately, 
however some do have dependencies.

The resolution of these issues will close or void the existing issues:

They also address almost every item mentioned in all previous emails to 
the list about the RDFa API.

The new issues which can be considered independently, and probably 
rather quickly (easy hits) are:

ISSUE-49 RDFNode type, equality and canonicalization
ISSUE-50 TypedLiteralConverter modifier parameter
ISSUE-55 Specifying that implementations must implement 
TypedLiteralConverters for all xsd numerical types
ISSUE-56 Relative URI resolution
ISSUE-57 TypedLiteralConverter Failures and Exceptions
ISSUE-58 PlainLiteral and TypedLiteral value for strings
ISSUE-51 Clean up create*** methods for RDF interfaces and move to 

The issues which may require some time to discuss are:

ISSUE-52 Lightweight DataStore aligned with ECMAScript
ISSUE-53 DataParser Upgrades
ISSUE-54 DataSerializer

I've fully implemented all of changes in the above issues and have 
proven them to work (optimally?), indeed most of them have come after 
implementing the API.

These issues and changes do not cover any of the RDFa specific "Property 
Groups", "Document Extensions" and "DOMImplementation Extensions".

These issues will raise a new issue when resolved which will simply be 
aligning the "DocumentData" interface.

If we can cover any of first set of issues in the next meeting it would 
be ideal, as mentioned several of them should be easy to clear off.



Received on Thursday, 28 October 2010 02:10:11 UTC