ISSUE-54: DataSerializer [RDFa 1.1 API]

ISSUE-54: DataSerializer [RDFa 1.1 API]

Raised by: Nathan Rixham
On product: RDFa 1.1 API

Currently we have not defined any interface to be used when serializing DataStore's to alternative formats.

This issue/proposal introduces a simple interface which Serializers must implement

[Constructor, Constructor(in DataContext context)]
interface DataSerializer {
    boolean serialize (in DataStore store);

This interface has been implemented and proven that these are the only requirements (which store to serialize)

As a side issue, many serializations need access to the CURIE Map not-provided-but-within DataContext, to allow access DataSerializer accepts a single param on the constructor, and new methods to expose the CURIE Map held by DataContext may be needed, and perhaps a method which compliments resolveCurie that shrinks a full IRI back down to CURIE form (though this isn't needed if the CURIE map is exposed).

Received on Thursday, 28 October 2010 01:25:28 UTC