Re: RDFa Core Last Call telecon notes

I'm afraid I may have to send regrets for this call. My youngest is sick,  
and I have to go to the hospital with him; I may be back in time, but  
guarantee it I can't.


On Thu, 21 Oct 2010 05:18:36 +0200, Manu Sporny  
<> wrote:

> Hey folks,
> A couple of notes for the telecon call tomorrow. I want to make sure
> that everyone is prepared to have a productive call as we're going to
> attempt to move RDFa Core 1.1 to Last Call.
> The W3C technical plenary starts on October 31st. There is a publishing
> moratorium during the technical plenary and usually a delay after the
> plenary. This means that if we don't reach consensus to take the RDFa
> Core 1.1 document to Last Call tomorrow, with a publishing date of next
> Tuesday, we will have to wait an additional 2-3 weeks to try again.
> We're going to try and move quickly through the agenda tomorrow. Please
> make sure that you have read and know your position on each one of the
> issues below. Each of these, except for ISSUE-37, should be closed by
> the telecon tomorrow. If there is an objection to any of the proposals
> to close each issue below, we'll have to straw-poll to close each open
> issue logged against RDFa Core 1.1. ISSUE-37 is editorial, so won't
> block progress to Last Call:
> The call tomorrow may go over by 15-30 minutes (or more) depending on
> how the discussion goes for all of the items that we have on the agenda.
> I will try to keep us on track, but sometimes these discussions take
> longer than all of us would like.
> If you have concerns or issues, please send them to the list before the
> telecon. Don't blind-side the group with a last-minute issue or formal
> objection.
> That said, if you vehemently disagree that RDFa Core 1.1 should go to
> Last Call in its current state, there is a process in place, called a
> "Formal Objection" to stop the document going to Last Call:
> We have never had to use a Formal Objection in the RDFa Task Force or
> the RDFa Working Group as it is incredibly disruptive, requires a very
> long voting period, and also requires the Director to step in. If any
> RDFa WG member wishes to stop us from moving to Last Call you MUST
> provide solid technical reasoning and follow the procedure outlined  
> above.
> That said, I'm sure that our call will be as pleasant as it usually is -
> see those that can make it on the call tomorrow.
> -- manu

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