Re: RDFa API comments from TimBL

On 10/07/10 09:55, Shane McCarron wrote:
>  Sure, but you didn't answer the key question here, Tim.  WHERE should
> that RDF API work happen?  We think it should happen in the RDFa Working
> Group because 1) there is one, and 2) we have already done lots of the
> work.  What do you think?

Not to mention that stopping/moving the RDF API part of the RDFa API
work from this group is going to be incredibly disruptive to our charter
and timeline. We are chartered to produce an RDFa API.

We need a solid RDF API if we are going to have a solid RDFa API - one
of the reasons that we asked Nathan to join the RDFa WG was to ensure
that the RDFa API work took the Tabulator work, and thus, the RDF API
work, into account.

We have a good head of steam behind us, I'm wary of disrupting that as
we're closing in on something that is getting positive feedback from the

-- manu

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