PROPOSAL to close ISSUE-37: is _ a special prefix? or a URI?

If there are no objections to this proposal in 14 days, we will close
ISSUE-37: is _ a special prefix? or a URI?

The core of this issue revolves around how we explain the '_' prefix in
RDFa Core. Proponents for adding language into the spec noted that it is
important to further explain exactly what '_' is and the types of
subjects that its usage generates. Namely, that identifiers such as
"_:abc" cannot be used outside of a particular processing run or across
graphs and that different implementations may choose to do different
things with the blank node identifiers before granting access to the
graph (via RDFa API) or re-serializing the graph. The argument of
whether or not "_:abc" is a true URI or whether it is merely a mapping
to RDF's "_" mechanism was discussed as well.

Alternatively, proponents for not adding language to the specification
point out that we have over 18 RDFa processor implementations now and
none of them have mentioned the lack of documentation on this particular
aspect of the specification as being problematic.

This proposal asserts that proponents for adding language must produce
the spec language in the next two weeks or this issue will be closed
without a change to the RDFa Core specification. If spec language is
produced, the RDFa WG will review the language and add it to RDFa Core
if it is acceptable to the group, or reject the changes during a telecon

Mark is best positioned to author the spec changes to the RDFa Core
specification since he is the one that suggested the change. If Mark
does not submit a change proposal in the next 14 days, the issue will be
closed without any change to the RDFa Core specification.

Please comment in 14 days from this post if you object to this proposal.
If there are no objections within 14 days, ISSUE-37 will be closed.

-- manu

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Received on Sunday, 3 October 2010 17:09:21 UTC