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RDFa Core and RDF/XML

From: Ivan Herman <ivan@w3.org>
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2010 13:04:06 +0200
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There is a small issue that I would like to raise. I do not think it is particularly controversial but may be worth documenting even in the FPWD.

Let us suppose I have a general XML application, using namespaces. I use RDFa 1.1 in there, that can be used to generate RDF triples. However, because that is a namespace aware XML application, it is perfectly feasible that the user includes an RDF/XML portion into the XML file, too. The question is: are the triples described by that RDF/XML part of what the RDFa processor produces or not? Ie, should the RDFa processor take that RDF/XML portion, parse it and add those triples to the generated Graph?

My opinion is that the answer should be 'yes'. Note also that this is already how SVG metadata is defined:


includes the <metadata> elements that can be used as a container of RDF/XML, as well as the possibility of adding RDFa attributes. It also says:

If both are being used for RDF (that is, RDF and RDFa), then an RDF processor should combine them into the same graph. (Note: metadata attributes should not be used directly on RDF elements.)

I do not think it is a big deal, but it should be noted in the RDFa 1.1. Core if the WG agrees...


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