Re: Error in the XHTML Profile

Hi Ivan,

> [snip]
> 2. Mainly for that rdf:uri but even for the term, I am not sure that adding a
> @en-US is o.k. I do not expect any processing node to be bothered, but,
> well,... I guess a lang="" is in order for all the statements...
> [snip]

Mmm...these RDF-encoded profiles just get more and more complicated!

You are right that if a language is added then a generic processor
will not be able to retrieve the tokens...unless of course it
constructs a query that queries for tokens in any language, but then
the question arises as to which language to use if there are multiple

It would seem that a note in the spec is going to be needed stating
that @lang needs to be set to the empty string, in any profile (or at
least the terms will need to be).



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