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Re: TriG - review comments

From: Souripriya Das <souripriya.das@oracle.com>
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2013 08:00:35 -0700 (PDT)
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All we need is to be consistent, that is, not use both "a RDF" and "an RDF" -- whichever is considered accurate. -- Souri.

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On 09/18/2013 10:18 AM, Souripriya Das wrote:
> Document looks good. I have some minor editorial comments below (based on last night's version).
> Editorial:
> Sec 1.
> - Please use hyphen or comma between "Trig" and "a concrete syntax ..."
>    "This document defines TriG a concrete syntax for RDF as defined in the RDF Concepts and Abstract Syntax ([rdf11-concepts])."
> Sec 2.
> - Please replace "A IRI" with "An IRI"
>    "A IRI or blank node label used as a graph label may also reoccur as part of any triple statement."
> Sec 2.1.
> - Please replace "an RDF" with "a RDF"

Really?   Isn't RDF pronounced "are dee eff" and therefore best preceded 
with "an" instead of "a"?

> Sec 2.2.
> - Please replace "more then" with "more than"
>    "In a TriG document a graph IRI or blank node may be used to label more then one graph."
> - Please consider using: "may be used as label for more than one graph statements"
>    "In a TriG document a graph IRI or blank node may be used to label more then one graph."
> Sec 2.3.1
> - As an example, we could refer to use of _:b in Example 2 and in Example 3 in Sec 2.2.
>    "BlankNodes sharing the same label in differently labeled graph statements are considered to be the same BlankNode."
> General comment:
> Could we say something like: "a graph statement has two parts: a label and an RDF graph. The label of a graph statement can be an IRI or a blank node. ..."
> This may make refering to the label easier.

+1 to the rest.

        - s

> I quickly browsed the grammar -- seemed fine to me.
> Thanks,
> - Souri.
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