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Re: TriG : call for technical review

From: Gregg Kellogg <gregg@greggkellogg.net>
Date: Fri, 6 Sep 2013 18:20:00 -0700
Cc: RDF-WG <public-rdf-wg@w3.org>
Message-Id: <11E6AF90-C78A-493E-B2C4-00238DEC6CE3@greggkellogg.net>
To: Andy Seaborne <andy@apache.org>
On Sep 3, 2013, at 2:33 AM, Andy Seaborne <andy@apache.org> wrote:

> The TriG document should now be up-to-date with the WG decisions on datasets.  While it still requires editorial work, it is now in a state where technical review from the WG would be beneficial.
> Please could we have volunteers to review the document in preparation for Last Call.

This is only a partial review, based on updating my own implementation.

Production [5g] wrappedGraph does not match the empty graph. This is because wrappedGraph is defined as '{' triplesBlock '}' and triplesBlock is defined as triples ( '.' triplesBlock? )? As the triples production must have a subject, there's no way to state <g> {}. It could be changed to '{' triplesBlock? '}' to allow this, although there may be a better way.

The following tests should be removed, as they were speculative: trig-bnodeplist-graph-01, trig-collection-graph-01, trig-collection-graph-02

Otherwise, the grammar looks cleaner than before, and it runs as expected.


> 	Thanks
> 	Andy & Gavin
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