RDF-ISSUE-150: LC Comment: references and acknowledgements [RDF Concepts]

RDF-ISSUE-150: LC Comment: references and acknowledgements [RDF Concepts]


Raised by: Markus Lanthaler
On product: RDF Concepts

This is a comment on the current last call documents (concepts and semantics)

I note that there is no mention of Brian McBride's role in the previous round of specifications …

"The WG decided that bwm will be "series editor" for the WG documents."

- obviously Brian is no longer fulfilling this role, but it is conventional to maintain some reference to former editors in the acknowledgements or somewhere.

I also note that Graham and I are not called out as former editors in the Concepts acknowledgements, in particular, the sentence: "The RDF 2004 editors acknowledge …" fails to mention who those editors were!

I am also slightly disappointed that there is no informative reference to Named Graphs, Provenance and Trust by Carroll, Bizer, Hayes & Stickler; with this I realize that the bar is much higher than with acknowledgements to former editors so my disappointment is lower!

Overall though I believe the documents may benefit from a review of the acknowledgements section by some member of the WG.



Received on Thursday, 3 October 2013 13:02:21 UTC