Re: Agenda for 12 June 2013

Again, I have to send regrets for today's telecon.

Regarding the proposals made in the agenda:

Sandro's proposal for ISSUE 131 seems good. +1
The proposal about ISSUE 136 is a bit ambiguous in the sense that it is 
not completely clear what means "no less" when comparing "formal 
meaning", but I support the intuition behind the proposal, so +0.8

As for the publication of RDF Semantics, I already sent my review which 
requires some changes before LC publish. -1

These changes have consequences in RDF Concepts, since the modifications 
that Semantics is bringing have crawled their way down to RDF Concepts. 
I have consistently opposed these specific modifications [1] and their 
adoption by RDF Concepts.

[1] See my review for details about the specific points I am concerned 


Le 10/06/2013 03:25, David Wood a écrit :
> Hi all,
> The agenda for Wed's telecon is available at:
> Please note that we expect to add a resolution suggestion to ISSUE-23
> and a poll for ISSUE-131 in the next two days, so they may be added
> to the agenda.  I'll send a note to the list if the agenda gets
> updated and will ensure we have 24 hours notice.  Apologies for any
> inconvenience.
> Regards, Dave --

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