JSON-LD Syntax 1.0 - Candidate Recommendation-ready document

Hi folks,

I've prepped a Candidate Recommendation-ready (CR) document for JSON-LD
1.0 (Syntax). This is the document that the RDF WG will be attempting to
take to CR. The JSON-LD CG believes that all open issues have been
addressed, I'll start doing formal responses to LC-2 issues soon.

You can view the document here:


I'll date-stamp it after the JSON-LD telecon next Tuesday, if the
JSON-LD CG believes that the document is ready for publication as a CR.
We're looking for a 4 week CR period, mostly just to get the
implementation reports together. We already have enough implementations
to exit out of CR.

If you have issues with the spec, now would be the time to speak up. :)

-- manu

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