mitigating cost of 303

On Thu, 2011-12-22 at 13:37 +0000, Steve Harris wrote:
> FWIW I agree with him that a 303 is a very high cost to pay.

In confusion or in extra round-trips?

I have an engineering solution to the latter, which is that hosts be
allowed to expose (via a .well-known URI) some of the rewrite rules they
use.   Then, if I (as a client) find myself getting lots of redirects
from a host, I could look for this redirect-info file, and if it
appears, I can do the redirects in the client, without talking to the

This wouldn't be only for RDF, but I'd expect only people doing 303 to
care enough to set this up on their hosts or have their clients look for

The hardest engineering part, I think, is figuring out how to encode the
rewrite rules.  Each server has its own fancy way of doing it.  Like
which version of regexps, and how to extract from the pattern space;
lots of solutions, but we'd need to pick one.   And, tool wise, one
would eventually like the web servers to automatically serve this file
based on the rewrite rules they are actually using.   :-)

   -- Sandro

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