Re: JSON-LD terminology

The proposal for a reworded Linked Data definition is better.

> Some of the data model differences require further discussion and
> need to be publicly aired, as they impinge on long-held resolutions
> in JSON-LD.

Good to hear -

One specific point:

> [[ 1. Linked Data is a set of documents, each containing a
> representation
of a linked data graph.
> 8. IRIs used within a linked data graph SHOULD be dereferenceable to
> a Linked Data document describing the resource denoted by that IRI.
> ]]]

Test case: is foaf:name <> an IRI
dereferenceable to a Linked Data document?

Linked Data is being defined here is mostly silent on format limitations
but by context the text leads towards "no" because the context is the
JSON-LD document.  But it is used in JSON-LD examples  :-)


Received on Wednesday, 29 August 2012 14:05:53 UTC