Re: A rant about the terminology debate

On 8/28/12 12:25 PM, Kingsley Idehen wrote:
> The RDBMS community is the best friend (ultimately) of RDF.
> The Web 2.0 will always switch off once the encounter the letters R-D-F.
> Warning: on this particular issue my rant stamina is endless :-) 
Meant to say:

The RDBMS community is the best friend (ultimately) of RDF [1].

The Web 2.0 *community* and *developer profile* will always switch off 
once *they* encounter the letters R-D-F. Thus, appeasing this community 
is eternally futile when the communications payload contains the letters 


The link below is good source of material for addressing the terminology 
challenges that you are concerned about, one that I believe is 
ultimately addressed by terminology reconciliation and stronger "RDBMS 
and RDF are inevitably best of friends" style narratives.

For instance, note how a Table and Document are aligned. Basically, an 
RDBMS has Tables which RDF has documents re., g-box. As for the g-snap, 
it lives in the same place as RDBMS sets, there's no hardcore difference 
across the realms bar nature of tuples i.e., 3-tuples vs n-tuples.


1. -- deconstructing the database presentation 
(provides nice segue between RDBMS and RDF)



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