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On Aug 24, 2012, at 12:52 , Richard Cyganiak wrote:
>> Antoine provided some sort of a short sentence of what is happening:
>> "All RDF graphs in an RDF dataset don't mean the same thing. To be explicit about what they mean, we provide a vocabulary that specify the semantics of each graph. We call the semantics assigned to a <name,graph> pair its entailment regime, because it determines what entailments are valid for that pair. For example ..."
> I won't support a proposal that involves vocabulary for selecting the semantics on a per-graph basis. This is *much* too complicated for my taste.
>> Personally, I am little bit afraid of the complexity of the thing to be honest. Hence it may not fly.
> +1.

A possible compromise would be to have an entailment regime selected for the default graph and another one selected for all named graphs. That would make things simpler; it is certainly a simplification of Antoine's current scheme.


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