Re: Presenting on JSON-LD and MongoDB at NoSQL Now!

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> Hi Gregg,
> a few comments and questions:
> - slide 23: I wouldn't show the linked form as JSON but as a diagram with
> pointers

Probably right, I'll just do a diagram.

> - slide 24: is this really necessary?

In the past, people have asked for more examples of what the corresponding RDF would actually be, so yes, I think we need this; however, I can use a smaller subset of the information.

> - what are you trying to show on slide 33, i.e., why do you include the
> subject references twice?

The point of the slide is that having a _references key, that lists all the IRIs which are being referenced is useful in Mongo. The fact that the slide has a single "publisher" with IDs doesn't make this clear. I'll update to use more properties with object values to show how they're gathered in the _references key.

> - on slide 35 I would suggest to highlight also the second
> "schema:Corporation"

Yes, thanks; an oversight.

> - on slide 36 I would also include that property that includes the reference

Hmm, this seems to have gotten lost.

> - slide 38 (and 39) would be clearer IMO if you would also include the
> response HTTP headers, especially the location header

Space permitting.

> - slide 46 there are some missing slashes in the Git repo link
> (https:github)
> The other thing I would make clear is that you are presenting an application
> of JSON-LD (slide 30 onwards) and not JSON-LD itself. JSON-LD is just the
> serialization format that goes over the wire.. but I'm sure you already
> planned to do so.

I'll add a heading slide prior to this that makes clear we're onto the use-case/application slide.


> Good luck,
> Markus
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>> I'm presenting on the use of JSON-LD with MongoDB to enable Single Page
>> Applications at the NoSQL Now! conference in San Jose this week.
>> My slides are available at on SlideShare [1]. There is plenty of time
>> for updates of people have any suggestions.
>> Gregg Kellogg
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