Re: Presenting on JSON-LD and MongoDB at NoSQL Now!

On 08/18/2012 09:38 PM, Gregg Kellogg wrote:
> I'm presenting on the use of JSON-LD with MongoDB to enable Single Page Applications at the NoSQL Now! conference in San Jose this week.
> My slides are available at on SlideShare [1]. There is plenty of time for updates of people have any suggestions.
> Gregg Kellogg
> [1]

Good work, very clear.

Minor comments:

    slide 14 s/hight/height/

    slide 21 - really, we call it "chaining" instead of "nesting"? 
Nesting seems like a better term for this structure than chaining; or 
maybe I'm misunderstanding it.

    slide 24 - personally, I'd rather see that slide titled "Turtle 
Mapping", since as far as I'm concerned JSON LD (at least the parts 
shown here) is RDF, just like Turtle.  So what this slide is really 
showing is that this JSON-LD text can be programmatically transformed 
into other RDF serializations.     But maybe you want to distance 

Will you make the point verbally that one could easily use JSON-LD or 
Turtle or RDF/XML over the wire, and if you're using a library on the 
client side, you'll never know the difference?    Or would that just 
confuse this audience?

Will you make the point that while MongoDB makes a splendid back-end 
store for this, there are many other stores (SPARQL ones) that are more 
optimized for graph-based data, and might be more performant for some 
applications?      (I'm still waiting for someone to put a SPARQL front 
end to a Mongo setup like this, so we can have some proper benchmarking.)

If I were not a Linked Data fan, I imagine I'd be wondering what JSON-LD 
brings to this application?  Why not just MongoDB all the way?        
Actually, I'm a little confused -- are you using an existing MongoDB 
REST interface or did you write your own JSON-LD specific one?

        -- Sandro

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