Re: [TURTLE] Turtle Inverse Properties

On 8/20/12 10:14 AM, Andy Seaborne wrote:
> On 20/08/12 14:20, Kingsley Idehen wrote:
>> We have to teach RDF by encouraging folks to craft Turtle by hand, as
>> a first step. Making triples visible is the key to this endeavor.
>> Historically, as exemplified by RDF/XML, losing the triple in syntax
>> ultimately loses the plot. IMHO., HTML with RDFa or Micordata embeded
>> don't address this fundamental issue, neither does JSON-LD (which is
>> for JS developers).
>> The value of TimBL's point is best appreciated once there's
>> acceptance of the notion that folks (profile: end-user and/or
>> integrator / tech plumber) will ultimately start the Linked Data
>> journey by crafting Turtle by hand.
>> Unlike HTML, crafting Turtle by hand is both useful and extremely
>> practical.
> Kingsley,
> I agree that the clarity of triples is the major win with Turtle. We 
> have been recommending that to people who have got lost in RDF/XML ... 
> all too many of them!
> > Making triples visible is the key to this endeavor.
> This an argument for not including reverse path syntax, right? Makes 
> the syntax close to the triples.  Inverse properties are in the data 
> model.
>     Andy

I think the extension can be made in a non detrimental way to Turtle. As 
you know, we support it, but we don't necessarily put it at the front 
door when introducing Linked Data via Turtle. In fact, I completely 
forgot about our implementation until I had a conversation with 
@openlink:ivan .

My argument is in support of TimBL's suggestion with the goal of getting 
it in now without necessarily having it at the front door. Basically, as 
folks get familiar with Turtle the benefits of the tweak become clearer. 
This is ultimately about avoiding a future protracted effort -- on the 
standardization front --  relating to this kind of syntax sugar.



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