Re: Rethinking ISSUE-12 with lang datatypes

On 26/05/11 15:27, Richard Cyganiak wrote:
>> Additionally, we can add an additional datatype which is a superclass of all the lang datatypes (e.g., rdf:LangTaggedLiteral).
> Make that rdf:LangTaggedString for increased clarity.
>> >  This additional datatype has an empty lexical space but its value space is the set of all pairs<string,tag>.
> This doesn't have to be a datatype. Making it a class would be easier and sufficient for using it in rdfs:range declarations.

We would need a (data)type to cover value space of both xsd:string and 
rdf:LangTaggedString so you can write:

   skos:prefLabel rdfs:range rdf:String .

(If a datatype, empty value space - I don't think we can use 
rdf:PlainLiteral's lexical space without making it some sort of special 


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