Re: Proposal for ISSUE-12, string literals

On 13/05/11 16:00, Richard Cyganiak wrote:
> Objection 2: time and dateTime would become always UTC
> I'm not sure what to respond here.

They wouldn't necessarily.  It's not that simple :-)


with no timezone is not in UTC - there's no default.

There are two related timelines that form the value space - one for 
timezoned datetimes and one for un-timezoned ones.

If you compare a timezoned with a non-timezoned dateTime you may get 
"Indeterminate" back if the dateTime, modified by timezone is with 14 
hours of the time of the untimezoned one.

The "Dynamic Context", a feature of XQuery/XPath, not of XSD datatype 
per se, has an implicit timezone - it's set to whatever the 
implementation chooses.

That it OK for processing XML but I think that for RDF, data authored in 
one timezone, stored in another, downloaded by something in a third is 
quite possible.


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