[JSON] Elephant in the room

Just wanted to capture something I don't think I've conveyed until now:

Almost every developer I know, from enterprise to bedroom developers, 
work primarily with OO oriented languages, or key/value data structures 
in functional languages.

The primary *huge* issue here, is that most people can't work with 
triples and graphs without special tooling. Not to mention that it's 
highly unfamiliar to them.

Send an object with an id over the wire and people can use it, it's 
familiar, they "get it", send them a triple, and they're lost - even if 
they grok the graph and triple, they don't have the machinery to handle 
it often.

This is pretty much the sole reason that every developer I know outside 
of the sem web community does not use RDF in any way, even though they 
like the concepts and would like "linked data".



Received on Wednesday, 23 March 2011 16:23:11 UTC