Re: [MISC] Deprecation (was Re: RDF-ISSUE-5 (Graph Literals): Should we define Graph Literal datatypes? [RDF Graphs])

Ivan Herman wrote:
> the content of the blog is using the RSS vocabulary and what they do is to use the content:encoded property with the body of the blog in XML Literal. Ie, they store the HTML code for the content as part of their RDF data.

FWIW, this is the only time I use XMLLiteral too (quite often though!), 
to store a chunk of HTML in content:encoded - perhaps worth noting that 
it was a bit of a PITA and would have been much easier just have a 
text/html (or xml) string in a literal (caveat that this gave up the 
ability to xpath over the value, but surely with a proper datatype, 
implementers could "understand" the datatype, like they do with xsd:int etc)



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