Re: RDF-ISSUE-12 (String Literals): Reconcile various forms of string literals (time permitting) [Cleanup tasks]

On Mar 6, 2011, at 15:19 , Andy Seaborne wrote:

> > At the moment we have plain literals, rdf:plainLiteral, and
> > xsd:string literals. They are very very close to one another but they
> > are officially different. In practice this means that, eg, SPARQL
> > queries have to have a three branch UNION to handle all of these.
> > Worth looking at some sort of a reconciliation of these
> rdf:plainLiteral should not appear in RDF - "just" two branches needed or FILTER because "=" works across plain literals without language tag (SPARQL calls these "simple literals" to distinguish from plain literals with language tag).
>> Well, the entire world does not use xsd typing, they tend not to use
>> typing at all:-) But yes, just as the string 123.456 is a syntactic
>> sugar in Turtle, for example, for a float literal, we could do the
>> same.
> xsd:decimal, not a float.

I stand corrected...


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