Re: ACTION-27 (ensuring that RESOLUTION of issue-12 gets into RDF Semantics)


I remind you what the resolution for ISSUE-12 says:

"Mark xs:string as archaic for use in RDF, recommending use of plain 
literals instead. Recommend that systems silently convert xs:string data 
to plain literals."

By marking xs:string as archaic, we say "Do not use xs:string". I repeat 
what I said: it means that I am not welcome to say:

:myProperty rdfs:range xs:string .

Other people agreed that this triple is perfectly fine. I am sure that 
it is not the intention of most people to forbid this. It seems that the 
only problem with xs:string is when it is used as the datatype of a 
literal, like "RDF"^^xs:string .

I propose to cancel this resolution and make a new proposal:

"Recommend that publishers use plain literals instead of xs:string typed 
literals and tell systems to silently convert xs:string literals to 
plain literals without language tag."

This is very different from marking anything, like rdf:Alt, as archaic.

If the group insists to mark xs:string as archaic, I'll formally object.


Le 20/04/2011 23:22, Richard Cyganiak a écrit :
> On 20 Apr 2011, at 18:15, Peter Frederick Patel-Schneider wrote:
>> It turns out that the RDF Semantics document already contains wording in
>> Section 5.1 about the equivalence of plain literals and xsd:string
>> literals.  Any change to the document to indicate that xsd:string
>> literals are considered to be archaic and that plain literals should be
>> used instead would look similar to the wording for anything else the WG
>> considers to be archaic.
> Related here is Section 6.5.1 of RDF Concepts&  Abstract Syntax, which states that two literals are equal if and only if they are equal in lexical form, datatype URI, and language tag [1].
> Not suggesting any particular course of action, just pointing out related text.
> Best,
> Richard
> [1]
>> I claim, therefore, that ACTION-27 is done, and have marked it as
>> pending approval.
>> peter
>> PS: I think that ISSUE-12 should be marked as closed, but that's not my
>>     call.

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