Re: Comments on this afternoon session on Turtle (ISSUE-12)

On 17 Apr 2011, at 12:02, Ivan Herman wrote:
>>> Ie, datatype("chat"@en) would return rdf:PlainLiteral.
>> This would be consistent with the definition of the datatype. But since the value space of rdf:PlainLiteral also contains all simple strings, the same could be said for returning
>>  datatype("chat") == rdf:PlainLiteral
> Correct. Would that create huge problems?

Well, at the moment I can say:

    :p rdfs:range xsd:string .

to indicate that "chat"^^xsd:string would be a valid value of the property. Assuming this usage remains legal, even if we say that "chat" and "chat"^^xsd:string must be normalized, then I would expect that

    datatype("chat"^^xsd:string) == xsd:string
    datatype("chat") == xsd:string

I would find

    datatype("chat") == rdf:PlainLiteral

rather confusing.


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