Re: Skolemization and RDF Semantics

On 2011-04-17, at 08:06, Pat Hayes wrote:
>> I believe what Steve meant, by 'export', simply the SPARQL query return results. 
>> <a> <b> _:x .
>> query:
>> SELECT ?z WHERE { <a> <b> ?z }
>> if the store decides to skolemize on return the blank node _:x, it is good if the skolemization is such the the store can recognize its own, so it can make sense of a subsequent
>> I guess, at least, that is what he meant:-)
> Ah, OK. That makes sense, thanks. I think this would be covered by the 'who owns the URI' rule I suggested, BTW; In this case, the SPARQL engine owns the URIs, so it has the responsibility of making sense of them in the future. 
> FWIW, I would suggest that it would be bad design to send back skolemised results without first skolemising the actual data the results were derived from. But that is only a suggestion :-)

What actually happens is a little complex, typically the bNode is skolemised, but to a value space that's disjoint from both URIs and Literals, so it can be unambiguously identified as a bNode, but has been given an identifier.

I don't really know how that fits into the terminology.

It also potentially has a bearing on the SPARQL isBlank() function as it's defined now, if the bNode has already been skolemised to a URI it should return false.

- Steve

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