Re: Does SHACL support rdf-star ?

Dear Joylix,

- standard SHACL does not support RDF-star (quite obviously, as RDF-star 
is not standard yet)

- the RDF-star CG report does not propose any extension for the moment

- I vaguely remember some people from Top Quadrant mentioning that they 
had a custom extension of SHACL for dealing with RDF-star, but I am not 
sure. Apart from that,, I am not aware of any implementation adding 
RDF-star support to SHACL.


On 07/07/2021 14:52, Joy lix wrote:
> Hi, all.
> Can anyone tell me if SHACL currently supports RDF-STAR?
> Is there any simple example of this? Where can I validate the SHAPE of 
> Thanks a lot !
> Joylix

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