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On Dec 26, 2021, at 02:45 AM, Patrick J. Hayes <> wrote:
> On Dec 23, 2021, at 12:58 PM, Ted Thibodeau Jr <> wrote:
>> In RDF 1.1, it was explicitly stated that any given graph must

>> be treated as a snapshot of a universe, just a moment in time


> NO!. I have no idea where you got this idea from, but it is completely and absolutely WRONG. There is no such notion of a 'snapshot' anywhere in RDF.

Please see RDF 1.1 Concepts and Abstract Syntax, 1.5 RDF and 
Change over Time --
(which is, admittedly and I think regrettably, non-normative) --

   The RDF data model is atemporal: RDF graphs are static 
   snapshots of information.
   An RDF source is a resource that may be said to have a state 
   that can change over time. A snapshot of the state can be 
   expressed as an RDF graph.
   • Some RDF sources may, however, be immutable snapshots of 
     another RDF source, archiving its state at some point in time.

-- and 1.6 Working with Multiple RDF Graphs -- --

   There are many possible uses for RDF datasets. One such use 
   is to hold snapshots of multiple RDF sources.

The rest of what you said rings true *about you*, as to the degree
that various things have been known for years/decades/eons, but 
they do not seem to be so well known among various users of RDF,
SPARQL, Linked Data, and related technologies -- including the
developers of RDF stores (triples, quads, and/or larger tuples,
especially when they decide they want to use various tricks 
internally to improve performance and/or simplify some queries 
by polluting SPARQL and other processor-agnostic languages with 
processor-specific syntax, etc.) *and* including various members
of the WGs which have produced the RDF-related RECs.

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