Re: RDF-star vs Wikidata for modelling Richard Burton

On 07/12/2021 22:25, Peter Patel-Schneider wrote:
> On Tue, 2021-12-07 at 14:52 +0100, Pierre-Antoine Champin wrote:
>> In LPGs as well, there is a point were modelling marriages or pipes
>> as edges will hit a wall. More specifically, if you want to relate
>> them to other *nodes* of the graph (link a marriage to its location,
>> link a pipe to its manufacturer), you also need to reifiy them as
>> nodes.
> I see some formulations of property graphs where edges can only be
> related to values, but is that really the case for all property graphs?

I have never seen an explicit definition of "Property Graphs" where this 
was not the case (but I have not seen them all, of course).

I also have the feeling that allowing nodes as property values would 
pervert the idea of PGs, where the distinction between the internal 
structure of nodes (properties) and relation with other nodes (edges) is 
considered an important feature.

> (Well, if you think of Wikibase as a property graph formulation then
> there is at least one counterexample.)

It never occurred to me to put Wikibase in the "Property Graph" family. 
I see some similarities, but also many differences. In particular, the 
distinction I mentioned above (between "properties" and "edges" of a 
node, in PG parlance) does not exist in Wikibase, where there all 
represented as "statements" (except for labels and descriptions... but I 
hope you see my point).


> peter

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