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Le 07/12/2021 à 16:07, Antoine Zimmermann a écrit :
> RDF-stargazers,
> As a diversion to the Neptune use case discussion (and deriving 
> threads), note that Ora Lassila himself will be speaking to the world 
> live on Youtube in a couple of hours with:
> "On the broad applicability of Semantic Web technologies"
> About the talk: The Semantic Web, despite how it was originally 
> advertised, was not a replacement for the World Wide Web, nor was it 
> really knowledge representation (KR) solely for the Web. Rather, the 
> Semantic Web is KR using Web technologies. The different technologies 
> and standards of the Semantic Web have broad applicability in many areas 
> distinctly outside of what we consider to be the “Web”. The DAML-S 
> (later OWL-S) effort was one such example: apply ontologies to the 
> problem of describing the semantics of functionality and services (in 
> this case Web services, but the concept was more general). While the 
> effort may not have been successful in the long term, it was an early 
> example of the application of Semantic Web technologies and approaches 
> to a wide variety of use cases and domains. These include agent-based 
> computing, ubiquitous computing, context-awareness, policies, privacy, 
> enterprise knowledge graphs, and many others. But there is still an even 
> bigger role for Semantic Web technologies: Modern enterprise data 
> practice is messy, with daunting problems such as data integration, 
> elimination of “data silos”, and alignment of semantics. This 
> “messiness” will be perpetuated until we have a practical unifying 
> logical representation for data and semantics, and the promise of 
> Semantic Web is that it could be this representation.
> This is part of the Distributed Knowledge Graphs talk series:
> It was announced on the Semantic Web mailing list last week but in case 
> someone here missed it, this is a reminder.
> Best,
> --AZ
> Le 02/12/2021 à 19:43, Lassila, Ora a écrit :
>> Folks,
>> Attached is a document that outlines a couple of uses cases (variants 
>> of one modeling pattern ,really) we would like to submit for 
>> consideration by the upcoming RDF-star Working Group. I am submitting 
>> these now just in case this turns out to be relevant to how the 
>> charter gets written. Comments are welcome, and I am happy to discuss 
>> these use cases whenever.
>> Regards,
>> Ora
>> -- 
>> Dr. Ora Lassila
>> Principal Graph Technologist, Amazon Neptune
>> Amazon Web Services

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