Re: RDF-star use cases from Amazon Neptune

On 12/5/21 6:58 PM, David Booth wrote:
>>> On 12/3/21 6:31 AM, Pierre-Antoine Champin wrote:
>>>> In my view, the impedance mismatch between RDF and PGs is not due 
>>>> to some arbitrary restriction on the RDF model. It is due to the 
>>>> fact that RDF is a logic, that can be represented as a graph, while 
>>>> PG is a graph data model, without any semantic commitment.
> I respectfully but very much disagree.  I see RDF being used to solve 
> problems, just like PGs.  And although I like RDF's grounding in 
> semantics, I have never seen an RDF application that truly depended on 
> that semantic grounding.  Consider this:
>  - For an application in which you control all of the data, clearly 
> your application does not depend on RDF's semantics, because your 
> application could just as well CHOOSE to apply RDF's semantics.
>  - And for an application in which you do NOT control all of the data 
> -- I'm thinking here primarily of Linked Data applications -- do you 
> really think that those applications would not work if the data 
> producers had published PGs for you to consume instead of RDF (and 
> your application used PGs)?   Personally, I seriously doubt it.
> Even with RDF's grounding in a standard semantics, every application 
> developer who uses RDF from other sources needs to look carefully at 
> that external data in advance to see if its semantics matches the 
> needs of the application.  Otherwise the application will likely 
> produce garbage output.  In other words, even though RDF itself has a 
> standard semantic grounding, that grounding is no get-out-of-jail-free 
> card to bypass the need to apply application-specific semantics.
> I have always viewed the most significant differences between RDF and 
> PGs as being purely practical choices of graph representation.  But 
> maybe this is just a difference in perception?
> Best wishes,
> David Booth

Hi David,

What do you mean by "RDF Semantics" in regards to your comments above?


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